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Africa Facts

Africa Facts Africa is the second-largest continent in the world in both area and population. Area: about 30 244 000 km2 (11 700 000 mi2) including its adjacent islands it covers about 20 percent of Earth's total land area. Population: 1,072 million human inhabitants, about 14 percent of the world's population. Highest Point: Mount Kilimanjaro …

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Largest Cities / demograhpics

  Rank City Country Administrative area national census authority Agglomeration (2010; UN ) Agglomeration (2010-01-01; citypopulation) Image from City 1 Cairo  Egypt 7,786,640 (2006) Governorate 11,001,000 15,200,000 2 Lagos  Nigeria 7,937,932 (2006) The 16 local government areas of Lagos proper 10,578,000 11,800,000 3 Kinshasa  Democratic Republic of the Congo 5,528,000 (1998) Province 8,754,000 8,900,000 4 …

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ECA is About Making Good Things Happen for Africa. During African independence struggle an esteem African scholar said “Only the best is good enough for Africa” and ECA professes to undertake that adage at face value Why Join ECA? When you're an ECA member, you're part of a thriving community of leaders, business owners and …

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Our Difference

We help our member businesses and social organizations get past unneeded impediments to deliver development projects, business activities and outer mutually beneficial business drivers.  Naturally, we are Business Advocate for Africa by: Helping businesses navigate Africa emerging markets and government red tape as transparent as it should be. Helping increase the number of businesses in …

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