Mission Statement

UTAP is a non-profit and non-governmental organization model for empowering rural African communities, whilst keeping indigenous cultures intact. We provide instruction on modified agricultural methods to improve local crops, offer research and resources to attain water security, make available a resilient education plan, and introduce technological skills to operate on a level that will meet the community’s needs and help it thrive in an ever-changing world.

Major Areas   
Poverty Reduction
Rural Irrigation (Water & Food Security)
Non-governmental, nonpolitical Economic Development Efforts
Education Funding for Engineering (i.e., Environment, Water, & Agro. Processing, and so forth)
All functions operate based on accountability, transparency, and integrity.

Focus Areas

  1. Raise the level of humanitarian cooperation by utilizing the global expertise of professionals from the targeted areas (i.e., professionals from abroad and the African diaspora)
  2. Drive traditional community efforts to reduce poverty by marrying traditional family models with newer cohesive models that improves accountability.
  3. Promote rural irrigation and water drainage and retention for food and water security
  4. Present a new non-governmental, nonpolitical economic development and sustainable model for Africa.
  5. Develop a literacy toolbox that marries traditional values and ownership to avoid waste and abuse, which other traditional communities can emulate.
  6. Provide valuable technology and resources to help build capacity to enhance education in the fields of Environment, Water, & Self Reliance.
  7. Sustain a media awareness across the target areas to raise awareness and leadership.
  8. Make UTAPAFRICA a global leader in boosting traditional technology and literacy in agricultural business by reducing urban migration.