Why We Do It

Slogan: Community Excellence built on Transparency and Accountability (CETA)

The lack of water in Africa for drinking and irrigation is a common concern for many people. Several West African countries have unconsciously neglected their northern areas. The areas are predominantly semi-arid and very poor compared to the general indigenous populations. According to the World Commission on Environment and Development statistics, more than one-third of Africa is under the threat of desertification. (Online source: http://www.fao.org/docrep/Z5700E/z5700e03.htm)

Many of the volunteers originally lived in the Arigu community or other nearby farming communities in Northern Ghana. They are excited and eager to contribute to rural communities such as this community where the fertile farming land brings farmers far and beyond.

It is imperative to create an environmentally friendly community model where water, food, and small-scale business security can be available to curtail migration to the cities as is happening across Africa. In reversing the youth migrations to greener pastures, crop production increases, leading to better access to education and medical care, and a decrease in the exodus of young people to the cities and dangerous journeys to Europe. The combination creates a self-sustainable community model that meets the needs of all individuals concerned.