Why It Took So Long?

UTAP has created an environment where built knowledge through concerted years of an educational drive. We have cultivated a community of diverse and skilled professionals who leads with integrity, serve as ethical stewards, and advocate for progress.

It took UTAP from its inception in 2002 until 2019 to get all the necessary talent and a well-structured community of professionals in every conceivable field process in the community for succession planning and continuity. Education remains primary to our success.

People of interest in the community had sponsored and encouraged over 100 community youth through junior/senior secondary school (recently made free (2020) by the government). The sponsorship and students’ selections were on the family’s financial needs and ability to pay fees in the community. The funding came solely from our socially conscious businesses, friends, and community members that saw the importance of education and contributed money. The focus on female education had long been an integral factor in the community. Consequently, most females have at least a high school education.

We strongly believe our model will go a long way in solving the missing pieces of responsibility, accountability, and transparency that have been a common failure of most African projects. UTAP believes, is the beginning of a substantial route to real-time development in Africa.