Who We Are

We are the Unified Technology & Agricultural Program (UTAP / UTAPAFRICA), a non-profit and non-governmental organization for empowering African communities while keeping indigenous cultures intact. We provide instruction on agricultural methods to grow agricultural entrepreneurship through research, technology, and resources to attain water security. We involve a cooperative and resilient education plan and business skills to operate on a level that meets agribusiness and profit needs.

We are friends and members of the pilot community with varied global and local knowledge of what works and what does not work. Africa is a disparate continent of different vegetation. The semi-arid area constitutes more than 30% of the continent of mainly two seasons (a wet & dry seasons. There issue of water scarcity during the dry season between November to April annually with associated problems is the norm.  Water is the primary driver of all other factors affecting most of savannah Africa stretching from Senegal all the way into Somalia. We are physicians, physicists, computer scientists, agricultural engineers, chemists, environmentalists, mechanical and electrical, business experts, and other allied scientists of varying levels of education, experience, and insight into the most vulnerable areas of Africa society, especially the semi-arid areas. We (from the inception of UTAP) have worked since 2006 to change the trajectory of water, food, education, and environmental interventions to secure collective water infrastructure as a primary focus. The programs, policies, strategies to improve water availability, include drainage engineering to collect and store water for use during the lean season. Human deforestation activities and poverty have contributed significantly to the current deforestation and worsen by global warming problem.