Arigu Community Land

For reasons that had not been confirmed of causes for its sudden disappearance ruins and settlements of the vast lands straddling both Northern and Upper West regions. The reason of such a huge population lost is said to slavery, disease and others. According to elders on the slavery reasoning is that the empire systems reformatted after coastal tribes who were ruled from the interior helped in raiding and enslave their nemesis. The incursion of modern weapons turned the tide and most of the population was taken away. None can be ascertained, however, it is worth mentioning.

The system of communal land and cooperation existed in Africa and other places that has persisted until today. Historically, tribes own a piece of land and distributes it among its members through the relevant authority of a chief and elders. The good management of this land is veiled by the citizenrygroup itself, which can revoke the right of use to a farmer if the land is perceived to be used for some wrong means.

The concept of communal land does not meet well with modern-day law, which is based on private that is now taking root across Africa.  This has opened the door to cases of land grabbing by national and political heavy weights, which has been the source of many conflicts and strife.