Unified Technology &Agricultural Program


What about anonymous giving?

We will normally do as the benefactor request. Keeping anonymously a giving to a good cause will be considered where appropriate and lawful.

How is the naming rights for philanthropic gifts?

The Arigu community has agreed to seek public recognition for our benefactor in their generosity by offering naming rights to any of the five (5) lakes.

Where is UTAPAFRICA located?

We are headquartered in Detroit, Michigan and offices in Accra and  Tamale.

Does the name UTAP stand for as an acronym?

UTAP (UTAPAFRICA) was founded in the United States in 2006 and registered as a non-profit in the USA and Ghana to foster a community driven food and water security in semi-arid Africa.  The name stood for 'Unified  Technology andAgricultural Program'. As UTAP activities takes shape, we expect to scale across similar regions across the continent.

Help us improve Water and Food security in parts of Africa. Let's do it!

  • The Dry Season

    In the dry season, agricultural operation is impossible without irrigation. Farmers move to cities, creating population density and poverty. The dry season is one of two seasons in semi-arid Africa.  The dry season is characterized by low humidity, lack of water and depletion of subsistence crops between November to April yearly.
  • The Rainy-Wet Season

    The rainy or wet season occurs during a warm season, or summer, precipitation takes place.  In the wet season, air quality improves, fresh water quality improves, and vegetation grows substantially, leading to crop yields late in the season. Rivers overflow their banks and drains into lakes along the white Volta river networks.    
  • Dredging Existing Lakes

    UTAP proposes expanding five (5) midsize lakes spreading along the White Volta, dredged or dug-up to regain lost storage, improve water supply reservoirs, improve fish habitat, and use nutrient-rich sediments for planting of fruits and vegetables. None of the lakes sediments are considered contaminated in any form.